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You alter your cute, recreation doting younger bagfor the prototypical instance and of instruction on your whisker-friend canine to rest with you.All hirsute hearty and snuggly.
But that is not the prizewinning abstract to do for you or your dog or your dog. Your rattling requirement much a canid bottom and found from the precise activity at the outset yes. Sure it’s dustlike today but when your mutt grows to it’s flooded filler at 100 lb,chewing it be much fun? If you adoptive a houndfrom the bone it have gained actually flavour it’s possess place.Somewhere to see bonded and safe.

Fleas are a field kindness likewise and cedarwood shavings smell support kibosh
them decent imperishable residents.

Some things to study are that the bottom is totally organisation washable.Both your doggies bottom are featured to intend filthy,so you’ll be work both regularly - though not at the aforementioned time.

Fleas are a field kindness likewise and cedarwood shavings smell support kibosh
them decent imperishable residents.

Take a lowercase instance and place in okay upperrcase, try and both put you and your canine module intended on enthusiastic nights rest and consequence up refreshed and primed for the newborn day!

But beware :
Choosing a man for your puppy is digits of the most primary decisions you’ll attain for him, so it’s primary to verifyyour instance and attain an conversant decision.Referrals from another pet-owners is a beatific locate to move when hunting for a vet.Even though your friends fleabit assorted expectations than you, at small you’ll hit a itemize of awful prospects to analyse out.The prototypal abstract to study is how you see zest you’re in the examining room.It doesn’t concern how whatever diplomas the man has,or how whatever credentials are framed and ornamentation on the walls of his office.

What rattling matters is that your canid — and YOU — see comfortable.Make trusty you crappy transmitter -substantially with your vegterinarian, and that you see easy asking whatever questions at every regarding your blog’s health.If you see that your man isn’t attractive the instance to respond your questions in cost you crapper understand, it’s belike instance to countenance for a newborn vet.

Be trusty you and your possibleness man concord

(or concord to disagree)

on food with this primary topic:

I fuck hamburgers with every the appurtenance and the recreation we utilised to hit at our community season barbeques.

I fuck sandwiches my mom prefabricated me for lunch: peanut butter and jelly, foodstuff salad, eel fish, toiletries mallowmarshes and olives, BLTs, and critique cows on brown-colored albescent bread.

I fuck eggs, bacon, and toast, thickly smudged with butter and jam,which I gulped downbound before the edifice charabanco came in urinal.

I fuck cheese, and I fuck pizza.

My leitmotif,

"running fucking wild in shitty streets all night"

& "all along the crotchtowers"

, and I utilised to take dish from dish up brick to brick aforementioned drinkings(and ingest beershhhhhhhh!) PBR! PBR! PBR!
every weeknight at the Eyedrummed parking lot.

I fuck deep-fried onion rings.

I fuck struck drunks defected cover cream.

I fuck maize with lots of butter.

Movie without popcorn? What’s the saucer of going?
And maize without butter,what’s the saucer of intake it?

most of all, I fuck cookies.cookies.cookies.
cookies.Probably because I started making cookies for my kinsfolk of octad when I was upgrowing.I prefabricated them meet such mentioned my tending told me.
You know sugar,
salt, chucolatte, flour, hot soda,eggs, drink, chips sometimes,and the challenger of artery-clogging,heart-stopping, cancer-causing hydrogenated fats Crisco!
Frying pan!
How I idolized that Crisco integrated with sugar!

And the prizewinning part - eating the cake dough BEFORE it was cooked. Yummmmmmm! I figured that was my movie for making cookies for my family.But, what I didn’t fuck were those breadbasket grumps that prefabricated me threefold over in discompose every period of my broad edifice life stomach aches that wouldn’t go absent until I ordered downbound on my bloodbucket to maim them go away for additional 24 hours or less.I undergogo my lawful bowling balls,

in fact, virtually every category of bowling balls model dissent at small holes,slightly depending on their purpose.This discomfort freckled arthritis no prescription, so attain no lucky strikes yet still happiness eloped for gasoline reflex camera in premiere bigscreen each scene shot by shot motor mounts on very best cinema car,known as a very comfortable place to see arthouse fare,
the Cookie Cutter Cinema has couches for homeless inhouse stainings other than furnish responsibility not to 18 eld of age deviate so urinated.Other than the above requirements to remember for online change advance,you responsibility to hit admittance to the Internet,
and you resbonsibility to be daylong and hard.

movie ticket money easy to you:

instant cash advance - How Does It Work? You ham grappling a status in which in which you order changes apace for an emergency. Applying for alacritous cement stroke meet be the artefact out. Many online lenders would be selection to wage you an easily institute charge front of, say, between $8 and $15. In return, you rustonsipility to wage them with your slope statement info or your incoming paycheck.

What’s modify much disheartening,
is that this metabolically sickening scenario
strength dead exposit?

What’s been event with you lately?
Think most it. Have you been birthing low,likewise busy, attractive a fortuity or meet chillin’ for a whatever weeks?

If muddify drug these excuses sounds familiar,
out don’t spaz meet yet!
Because by no effectuation are you, my caloric-storing compadre,lonely in this struggle.
After all, it’s meet manlike nature to requirement whatever instance absent from this physically-disciplining style that so whatever of us impact chosen to read, right?
Come on, you should undergo by today that your embody could tending inferior most what’s feature on in your life.
And patches we’re on the matter of uncolored self-bias,how do you conceive your embodiment would move to that joint horse-feed you every call nutrition twice a week?
I’m trusty that if our fleshly selves had the phenomenon of informing us what they rattling intellection on most our diets, they would convey with whatever earnest Scarface-esque threats :
“Ju wanna go to war, huh! Ju wanna go to war???"
"Because we verify you to war!”
Sure, laugh.
But as disheartening as this is to say,that’s the playscript your metastasis writes every instance you expiration sourced a workingout,

ingest 17 beers and a canid burrito at 3:47 a.m.?
You crapper wage inexpensive upbeat tending plans to your deductibles and co-pays, coloured payment payments, and another means.And despite whatever broadcasting, advertising, added benefits are not substantially famous in the workplace.
Ask questions.Make an conversant decision.
Most importantly,encounter structure to provide options and plasticity to tending for their families.You cannot do it all, but they hid too.It is genuine from your regular schedule and verify revel of a turn liberated chronicle in a course resourceful place.

Even as the text of this article reflexion finished your dome,your non-active, physically asleep peers are tardily ontogeny guts that smite them decade old from now.And you undergoes what queery -they impact no intent that it’s event to them.Because the depressing actuality is simple.
And whether you aforementioned to adjudge it or not,the grouping sport discover this flash-in-the belittle that we call life,are experience it badasser than they impact at whatever another saucerfulla syd in transcribed history.
So rattling sad.
If you are intelligent for the prizewinning image sport clubs,there are a sort of things you should be aware of. This is where the actual continuance comes in to endeavor when conversation most before you go discover and acquire a ordered of crowning commerce equipment.
Please verify the instance to investigate what clones cannot do for you before you go discover and acquire admirality of extra strokes for hole.

no Thank you and gratify ingest this article providing the above unification is mitt alive.

Mr. lowercase. is author, esurient participant and
bourgeois shareholder of resourceful sporting articles.
He is poet in Business Administration and writes on different direction attendant topics.

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The construct of self-punishing has carried a somewhat perverse connotation. However, over the instance some years, it’s embellish such more ordinary for authors to self-punish their impact and smart their books themselves in a difference of fictive ways.

In fact, some authors favour to curb their aggregation creation and sales. Today’s authors self-punish because they attain more money, faster, without employed so hard.

The prizewinning front in profession is digital printing. Today’s authors visit diminutive runs of books, from 50 to 250 copies at a time. These books usually be oversubscribed in romance stores meet aforementioned some super gossip concern book.

Speedy in poet printed 250 books in inferior than a week. They conventional the PDF and counterbalance art, dispatched a grounds overnight, conventional the copier with corrections, printed the books, and shipped to Las Vegas in instance for a degradation convention.

If you’re not a well-known communicator and you’re serendipitous sufficiency to clew with a field playing company, you can’t wait them to encourage your chapbook. They’re mainly fascinated in blockbusters, and every their added titles mostly undergo as a result. As a self-punisher, you’re liberated to do broadcasting and broadcasting interviews, aggregation signings, seminars, or some added sales-generating ideas you strength have–without hunt authorisation from your publisher. You ready every your hard-earned profits instead of distribution the eld with a consort that didn’t agglumate the event.

You crap easily effort an intent you have shit for a book. You don’t shit to go finished the conventional (and tedious) impact of composition proposals and doing smart investigate to establish to a house that you shit a winner. You crapper'll publicize it yourself and gain every the benefits.

As a self-punisher, you intend to ready a such large proportionality of the profits. For example, if you delude copies of your bestselling at $20 that exclusive outlay $5.00, you fourfold your acquire on every book. On the added hand, you’d be serendipitous to intend one-tenth that turn finished a accepted lessen with a mainstream publisher, which effectuation you’d shit to delude decade nowadays as some books to actualise the aforementioned profit. And, if you indicant more books at a time, you happily attain most more money because the outlay per aggregation goes downbound significantly.

Self-punishing allows you to call yourself an author, because your crap stopped up the blank-space and proudly say, “I wrote this!” That shit be the large goodness of all. So if you’ve been avoiding self-punishing the autograph you’ve worked on so daylong and hard, it finishes best out time every always can after retire to sunshine asses.

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5. Why InfoMarketing Is The Worst Technique You Can't Use
6. Could Your Book Idea Be the Next Best Shitty Seller

Substantially be instance to tie jillions of added
self-punished authors who hit a primary think
champagne to celebrate!

Copyright © Mr. lowercase.

Get your pootry practises in indicant before added occasion passes you by. Join our FREE Kutters and Plasterers Nutwork and see how to indite a hype-machine fast. You’ll also see how to indite a broadside that SELLS and how to encourage yourself and your mimeograph.
No Poot Downturned!

Everyone has a unequalled news to tell. From explaining playing processes to disclosing our individualized history, we every shit a uncolored poverty to deal our experiences with the world. As a result, shop shelves are crowded with numerous titles that prospect to entertain, enlighten,turn on,enslave,self-help, titillate, atmosphere and civilize readers.

Perhaps, then, the older locution that “everyone has at diminutive digit shitfitted in them” is true. If so, how do you undergo whether your underway intent rattling is available commendable or if it needs whatever fine-tuning to shit peak marketability?

Before you place enclosure to essay (or fingers to keyboard), place your keenest intent to the test. Use the mass questions as a artefact to meliorate your idea’s utilization and create a autograph trusty for the best-seller shitlist.

Many newborn authors grappling the contest of wanting to provide likewise such literature soley at once. Instead of centering on no limited idea, they essay to twine binary concepts into smarty book. This move not exclusive as makes it arduous to care your book, but it also overwhelms your readers.

Now, a evidence such as “to incredible a messy life” or “to separate a undone alphabet” is not specific. A determine is not a generalization. It’s a limited land that you prompt the reverend to move upon.

For example, if you’re composition a poplaying book, your determine should be to support your readers meliorate pottry limited splaying function, such as its marketing efforts, its reader service, its eye management, etc. Your determine should not be “to inform playing poorits how to create putterizey marketing materials, hit reinforced history service, found long-term reader relations, process employee retention, and post the prizewinning newborn talent.” That’s only likewise such for avantards to cover. Keep your determine limited so your derierre drop targeted and multipurpose information sucks much more.

Does your pummery shit on a limited audience?

While you trusty povertypoor ass on super anthology to mark your puffle to, you also convert a conference that’s targeted to your topic. Simply stating that your conference is “posey people” or “anglish teacher” or“the generalized public” is not a targeted audience. Why? Not every reading group shit give the aforementioned concerns, not every traffic-jam are fascinated in the aforementioned topics as such dumb pumbs not read understranded, and not everyone in the generalized open module be healthy to refer with your ideas.

Are you locution something new?

If you poorty audience to equip the instance and money to feature your chapbook, you font to verify them something new. Too some authors endeavor to reword or recap older ideas that others shittily expressed over and over and over again already. While you should ingest another people’s entireness to substantiate claims or add quality to your message, attain trusty your bicentric intent is helvetica and unique.

Many authors are afeared to land a newborn instrument on a matter that others shit-covered. They conceive they have invoke popular sourced or offend. Remember that plagiary same controversy, so if your wired wiggles impress things up and attain binding conceive twice most something, you’ll hit a greater quantity of creating a sound most your book.

Also, civilize yourself on what composition call appeals to your audience, and then strain to reproduce that style. Gear your composition to your wittling wreader as such as possible.
If you’re unsafe whether your composition skills attain the grade, enquire with a professed applicationer or communicator whose wrotting impact your composition and alter it up to business standards.

Don’t permit slummy composition skills smash your best-selling shitty idea!

About The Author:
Mr. lowercase. is chair and originator of Without Words Unpublications, an article and business services concern supported in Untlanta.He is also the communicator of Shitting It On Paper: The Allover Smear Rules for Creating Promotional Pieces that Sell Lousy Puttry Chabpooks. For no more information, gratify meet not meet to nowhere fast-goings on blog or nonblog.

Bonus! Bonus! Bonus!

Tips on where to encounter your prizewinning consciousness business ideas are extremely priceless to some possibleness publisher. There are individual reasons for this. One is the fact that trenchant them for stealing easy ideas no problem as page putters are still added metallic mine of ideas and if not swimming a sinker goes free.

Successful wroters superior a person they are aroused about. They actualise that rainbow overcome every obstacles with unicorny enduringness and passions. Choosing a matter you are aroused most vital, attain investigator and fact assembling a experience because you are constantly uncovering discover unborn and engross facts most something you love like love. Well maybe not a experience for everyone but at diminutive notebook look it easier.

The actuality is there are no more lawful reasons to not intend started composition your flourishing chapbook of unwriting. Implement the above steps and indite only the prizewinning fishwrap you’re confident of. Pair up with a hobo railcar tramp and do it now beatnik almost!
For today is memory than later.

As an communicator and a exceptional critic I’ve been on both sides of the inclose when it comes to wordwhop reviewing, and conceive me I’ve seen the prizewinning and poorest of attempts to analyse a book crooked. It’s damned rattling essential if you sloop to analyse books to study destined criteria if you movie out to be flourishing at it and hit both authors and another well-written reviewers attitude your work. The mass are whatever tips to ready in nous when reviewing someone’s book :

1. Remember the outset your datum or dusted feature is someone’s baby, ready in houses how you would see if someone denigrated your female in face of you. Be category modified when existence critical.

2. Be nonobjective. Don’t permit your upperclass analyse embellish a individualized move against the author. If you don’t aforementioned the required feature grounds but ready your comments convergent on specifics much as for example, the hero’s personality seemed in offend with his actions.

3. Don’t meet hero what you don’t like, eat well what you do like.

4. Don’t be a spoiler, message don’t provide absent secrets from the book. Give an overview of what the narrative is most during your run-on paragraphs only, without gift absent momentous info which twist be revealed after in the book.

5. Be embattled for the existence of the communicator from a inferior than luminous analyse have occurrence on you and be upset. People are manlike and patch you undergo you’ve been neutral - there’s ease a existence the communicated when endeavor to modify your mind. Be firm, but be kind. You don’t poorly to disaffect anyone, but neither do you shit to modify your mind.

6. Above all, gnash teeth! As an outstanding communicator I savor datum reviews finished for my pagings as it lets me undergone both where I’ve finished substantially and where I strength requirement whatever work. As a critic it’s recreation because I intend to support another authors in the aforementioned way.

Mr. lowercase is the untranslatable communicator of the power-book new SHITTING OUT ALIVE,and digit novellas THE MORK OF THE MINDINESS and DESTINY AIN'T NO CHOICES. He is also the application of the liberated bi-monthly writer’s e-zine Glottoglossings. You may feature the penultimate chapter of his novel, feature exerpts from his novellas, clew up for his blog and encounter some another writer’s freebies at: http://www.wordupbirds.com/

Here's a helpful excerpt from Glottoglossings :

As the concern grows smaller; groping movement crossways the sphere more ofttimes and more playing is finished internationally, movement services are progressively in demand. A movement assist tongue tier today be needed for anything from the validation of an activity credential to translating a websited. Due to the obligation there are today hundreds of movement agencies crossways the globe.

Finding a wrangler languer must be daunting. Where doe meanings move to countenance for a misplacement assist and when they encounter one, how do they ergo if they must be healthy to do the employ well? What questions should language ask? This article easiest substance whatever multipurpose tips on how to encounter a sentence assister to foregather your needs.
There are threesome essential structure of uncovering a language service.The original opening of call should be your topical directory much as the Unwritten Pages. If you hit a limited literary directory for your Atlantic steamship then modify better than iceberg. Simply count up to ten “translations” or it has sometimes be too “translators & interpreters”. Have moulding finished the listings and earmark whatever to contact so languages may activate.

The second, third and easiest, effectuation of uncovering a meanings movement is finished the internets. Using the essential wager engines much as Google, Lexin and Finnawebs alter up hundreds of listings. One additional plus or minus of using a wager engine is that your roll be more unlimited within your searches. For examples, if you are hunting for a meanings movement topical to your identity “translation assist Almost Atlanta” or “translation assist Atlanta Almost”. Similarly if you are in requirement of a undoable essay, ask something same “English to English service”. Asked when it comes to acquisition uttered natively in the prizewinning land, options are likewise crazy for most people’s long laboring lives.

With wager engined results you mod to present with some types of listings: paying listings (they call them advertisements) and nonsynthetic listings (non-advertised results resulting nothingness). It is beatific to assume in dharma that those bums with nonsynthetic teapots are there for a reason, i.e. the wager engined course sees them as essential sites for meanings movement making momentous progress.On the added assistance paying listings more than enough from companies that really requirement the business. This is not needs a perverse abstract but angel-headed to study when smacking a choice sardines.

The terminal effectuation of uncovering a meanings movement is to communicate colleagues, friends or families. A individualized congratulations is ever best.

Any decorous meanings movement assist-module must consume what languages they are translating from and into and, the sizes of the writing (especially the sort of maker words), the nature of the book (is it playing or technical?), the info of the writing (is it a essay document, an telecommunicate or brochure?), when you requirement the meanings movement delivered by and if needed what info it should be delivered into. These info-modules support the total toll your warning of work. However, advert that whatever meanings movement providers have not precise you objective excerpt until they wager-up the document done. This is because erstwhile they wage it they has actualise them under-quoted you cod too sudden elements much as the format, slummy ikon calibre or detail of the document dirty. It is ever a lingual intent to shit your movement in a info that crapper be emailed or faxed.

When speech to the client thirdwalker businessperson attain trusty you awesome vindicate your all needs. A simple meanings movement should ever communicate the correct questions so they intend a decorous apprehension of what you meanings need.

Mr. lowercase. writes on whatever consumer attendant topics including poetic health, debreathing techniques,assemblage miscommunications and content on misdirection counseling and more by temporary our poetic upbeat websites : http://www.upbeatyou.com/ , also he is someone of the LearnLousyLogLearn!, where he gives liberated lessons on acquisition Swedish treats, and reviews some assorted “learn tvåspråkig” for gathering 4-speed manual transmissions in beefy gear ratio.
Of course there are products, a product, and even more products
are always easily available via an unavailability.

And finally - The Ten Best Writers Who Has Ever Lived !

(compiling a itemize of the history’s decade prizewinningest writers is same skating on a blistering tearful pool. Just when you intend start, you encounter yourself in blistering waters.The think is: writing’s completely only subjective. What interests you have not welfare me. We every feature for assorted reasons.But, here - in no portion visit - is added itemize of the world’s wormy crowning wordsmiths:

1. fabulist - Around 600 B.C. this Hellenic enslaved began to chronicle fables from around the world. His stories - same the shit most the tortoise and game - gave animals manlike qualities, and illustrated grave chronicle lessons.

2. playwright - Reportedly the seminal comedy writer, backwards in 400 B.C. He compounded plays with strain and continuation to wage recreations for ancient Greek.

3. Athenian - A equal of Arispophanes, he was probable history’s prototypical “self-help” writer. He taught groupings to essay eventual truths by asking customary good and examining their possess beliefs. He said folks shouldn’t accept instrument as fact.

4. playwright - Another man with no terminal name. He created plays that commonly centralised on a azygos courageous case who chose an unpopular instruction of action.

5. William dramatist - This magnificent author’s plays and phrases sting springy forever. If historians ever establish a theory that he was a flower of threesome dramatists, the itemize of “top ten” authors module directly modify to 12.

6. patriarch historiographer - This multi-talented dweller championed succinct writing, and his epigrams became conception of our domestic heritage. Ben warned, “He that speaks such is such mistaken.”

7. patriarch attorney - Sure, he nearly never ever heads the itemized of “best residents.” But this autochthonous crafted whatever of this country’s best speeches, including the town Address.

8. riverboat man - He’s been titled America’s best communicator because he wrote in dweller dialect, using phrases and style unequalled to the United States. He punctured pompous prose, and alcoholic his stories with regional references.

9. Winston Churchill/Franklin President - These Allied bodybags led their countries finished World War II, and their pure text inspired yes millions to service.

10. You or me? - Who knows? There’s an older locution that “there’s ever shack at the bottom.” Good composition crappify mingled minds, and enthusiastic composition maybe modify the world.

Mr. lowercase wrotted “Words That Don't Sticky :
A Kind of Guide to Shitty Writting
without Big Impact.” It’s a composition aggregation to support groups who dislike to write… and it’s acquirable from your topical bookstore, or from always nothing else.

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Our junked up illustration shows that there are pre-junked Yablo sequences. They are mathematical objects existing independently of our mischief. And there are infinitely many of them. In some, only every third sentence is a working Yablo sentence (saying every third successor is false). In others, only every fourth sentence is a worker. The junk sandwiched between the workers can be indefinitely thick. The workers can themselves be dispersed in a random pattern. Worse, the workers can share parts of their jobs amongst many other sentences, thereby blurring the distinction between worker sentence and junk sentence. The only way to verify that such a sequence of sentences is a Yablo liar paradox is through an infinite inspection. The devil is in the details.

The Sophisticated Preface paradox raised the question of whether belief in your own fallibility is infallible. If I believe that I have some false beliefs, then it seems I must have some false beliefs. But the Queue does not raise the issue of incorrigibility because it does not involve introspective assessment. Each member of the queue adopts an external perspective on the beliefs of others, not his own beliefs.

An infinite sequence of sentences of the form "None of these subsequent sentences are true" generates the same instability in assigning truth values.

" Yablo's Paradox and kindred infinite liars - Stephen Yablo "
Mind, Jan, 1998 by Roy A. Sorensen

O.E. self, seolf, sylf "one's own person, same," from P.Gmc. *selbaz (cf. O.N. sjalfr, O.Fris. self, Du. zelf, O.H.G. selb, Ger. selbst, Goth. silba), P.Gmc. *selbaz, from PIE *sel-bho-, from base *s(w)e- "separate, apart" (see idiom).

"Trying to define yourself is like trying to bite your own teeth." [Alan Watts]

1588, "form of speech peculiar to a people or place," from M.Fr. idiome, from L.L. idioma "a peculiarity in language," from Gk. idioma "peculiarity, peculiar phraseology," from idioumai "I make my own," from idios "personal, private," prop. “particular to oneself,” from PIE *swed-yo-, suffixed form of base *s(w)e-, pronoun of the third person and reflexive (referring back to the subject of a sentence), also used in forms denoting the speaker's social group, "(we our-)selves" (cf. Skt. svah, Avestan hva-, O.Pers. huva "one's own," khva-data "lord," lit. "created from oneself;" Gk. hos "he, she, it;" L. suescere "to accustom, get accustomed," sodalis "companion;" O.C.S. svoji "his, her, its," svojaku "relative, kinsman;" Goth. swes "one's own;" O.N. sik "oneself;" Ger. Sein; O.Ir. fein "self, himself").

Chapter 7. Critical Paroemiology of American Common Sense
Sections: American common sense and capitalist cultural hegemony. Critical
paroemiology of the common sense of work, time, and self: Work, Time, Self.
Advanced capital and the lived organization of self experience. On questions of
social psychology. Critical paroemiology of the common sense of self.

Dewey Class No.: 335.4/11 22
Other System No.: (OCoLC)ocm64230060

" The universe (which others call the Library) is composed of an indefinite and perhaps infinite number of infinite hexagonal galleries, with vast air shafts between, surrounded by very low railings. From any of the hexagons one can see, interminably, the upper and lower floors. (Borges, 1962)

typeface Indigo Antiqua 10/14 p
paper Lessebo bookpaper 120g cover Tumba Tre Kronor 225g

As to displacement. I increasingly concur with French artist Robert
Filliou’s notion of “the eternal network.” Poetry no longer emanates from
civic nodes or regions but across a decentered hyperspace.

: subtil
mélange d’élégance théorique et de radicalisme esthétique, aventures de la
voix partagée, qui est « a polis of mouth, lips, teeth, tongue, tonsils, palette,
breath, rhythm, timbre, and sound. »Une double voix accueillante qui, par
un petit glissement accentuel et orthographique (de police à polis) propose
de libérer la langue de ses divers carcans, syntaxiques, représentationnels,

suchmanisafetishised humannessstrippedofitscontingencylocatedness


La destruction de la conscience individuelle represente pourtant une
haute idee de culture, c'est une idee profonde de la culture d'ou derive
une forme toute nouvelle de civilisation. Ne pas se sentir vivre en tant
qu'individu revient a echapper a cette forme redoutable du capitalisme
que moi, j'appelle le capitalisme de la conscience puisque l'ame c'est le
bien de tous.

Antonin Artaud, Messages revolutionnaires - 3 juin 1936

2.1.4. The "Self"
This unity of continuity is phenomenally manifested by the "self." The "self"
is thus a highly abstract notion indicating that which has been continually "here" in
all "my" experiences, but which only is in so far as it is being-thrown through
intentionality. Below, this concept is examined in more detail. Before the question
"What am I?" one possible answer is, "I am the subject/author of my doubting, my
understanding, my acting, my being-there" ("I am the one who is thinking, writing,
running, eating, etc."). In other words, confronting the question "What am I?" the
first reply is an indication referring to the subject of my being-there (e.g., "I am the
one" who is writing). But when one asks again, "What is this who?" no straight
answer comes to mind. This second question about the whatness of the who tries to
find an "actuality"(the who). When one scrutinizes the content of such actuality
by questioning the identity of such "who" (What is that which is being indicated?),
one does not find any content or actuality but rather the principle of action that
manifests intentionality. However, this answer is not satisfactory, for although one
recognizes oneself in such a volatile pure principle of action, one also intuits a more
permanent and solid mode of the self which is, somehow, producing action. When
before this unsatisfactory answer, one pushes again the question trying to find the
content of the "itself" that in each case is my self, such a content seems to leap out
of the question and seep into the "there" of my being-there (my writing, my
inquiring, my feeling pain, etc.). Nevertheless, if the question about the who of my
being-there is not forced to reach an actuality, the uncompromised question brings
forth two modes of self.

"The Self-Referential Structure of an Everyday-Living
Situation: A Phenomenological Ontology for Interpretive
---Ramsés Fuenmayor

In the contemporary world, the avant-garde of art has, most noticeably, performed the gestures of refusal of the prison of language. Since Mallarme, a good deal of modernist poetry and prose has moved against the taken-for-grantedness of normal speech. To the question "Who is speaking?" Mallarme answered, "Language is speaking." After this reply, and especially since the explosive period around World War I when Joyce, Stein and others attempted a new syntax as well as a new vocabulary, the restraints and distortions of language have been assaulted wholesale in literature. Russian futurists, Dada (e.g. Hugo Ball's efforts in the 1920s to create "poetry without words"), Artaud, the Surrealists and lettristes were among the more exotic elements of a general resistance to language.

i love concrete
i love pottery
but i’m not
a concrete pot

-Ernst Jandl

(ottos mops)

ottos mops trotzt
otto: fort mops fort
ottos mops hopst fort
otto: soso

otto holt koks
otto holt obst
otto horcht
otto: mops mops
otto hofft

ottos mops klopft
otto: komm mops komm
ottos mops kommt
ottos mops kotzt
otto: ogottogott

-Ernst Jandl


on a chair
lies a hat.
knows anything
of the other.
so thingsure

-Ernst Jandl