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Never Want You to Know About,
That I Used To Freeze My Icee Into Headlong Tumblings"

( quake ones gizzard is American slang for to vomit )

An Ceiling Cat sed unto teh snakez, "cuz u did dis,
cursd u aboov all teh moocows,
An aboov every one of those 4 leggd things that evolvd round here;
This result is inadmissible, for the determinant is either (a) matter; (b) form; or (c) something composed of [matter and form]. Whichever [of these alternatives] may be granted, the result is inadmissible. [If (a) were granted], there would be matter in the composite that differs from the matter that is part of the nature. [If (b) were granted], there would be a form [in the composite] different from the [form]that is held to be part of the nature. [If (c) were granted], there would be a composite different from that which is the composite of the nature.

'messy' bedeutet auch "ungezügelt"

(essere un successo o esito)

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do you puzzled by the problem of your oral english?
you are lost just beacuse you don't know
what you can do to improce it.

take it easy. the beast thing you can do it speak aloud and practise more.let's begin with those sentences. take it easy. the beast thing you can do it speak aloud and practise more.let 's begin with those sentences.

(For your information I provide information to you)

Then, there's the sheet of water,
without reflections or source, gray:



Such issues surrounding creative practices in a non-native environment are therefore increasingly of relevance, where "seeing the world" has become comparatively so much easier.

Peter I. Rose writes :
"Finally, recognizing the limits of both distance and intimacy, of detachment and involvement, accepting that there are and will always be competing claims to truth and insight, and being mindful of the very real political aspects of the whole debate, can we ever […] get inside someone else's world?"

( the emergence of a sweeping culture of confinement in which decisive and lasting boundaries, clearly demarcated by asylum walls, were drawn between the assumed productive elements of society and those found lacking due to poverty, infirmity or mental illness )

restricted and restricted -no joke-if you poverty
whatever hours
concern module -unstopperedup you-trend brilliance
thoughtful purchase-threesome sentences
downbound funnybooks-delude substantially
coercive agency -salutation copywriter
daylong and hard-easily institute
amend knowingness -outdoor forcefulness
anybody anytime
straightforward artefact

Keyword Freequency :

' authentica ' = the multiplicity of discourse and practice
valued as 'true', 'natural', 'pure'

' play ' = ludic exploration via alterity, especially indigeneity

(stricto sensu)

genom att skriva och hoplistrade delar
[kan inte hitta filen]
komma igng på planerade frndringar
anvnd jttestor fonstorlek---------------use really big fontsize,
lit. tr. make large font
as always and inevitably upon the violence of exclusion, through the act of pseudolinguistic infallibility command: (большая удача)

yes, you also get to see the fabric manifest things that cannot usually be seen, like the wind blowing, or the sun reflecting in ways it had not before.

" L.S./M.F.T. "

từ điển sống thở vào thở ra một
đống nói đúng như vậy không
thể tả xiết : nín thở.

cười rầm lên = trò chơi súc sắc

Shak such skainsmates fulla firt-gills working scurvy weather fleesh fleten fleesh flota finish to florr betwixt a kickass trickster : of course trickster often uproariously errs rather than invents, he often breaks strictures rather than illustrating them, but then this is part of the ironic nature of his chaotic laughter and appetites -- bringing the qualia to sign status & activating implicature.

(Archonic Error)

"A first answer might be that whoever has no way but is a
successful imitator will have, in the end, a repertoire of ways."

A notorious thief, according to legend, crosses the threshold of legality without a qualm. "Marshal of dreams," he mediates between waking and dreaming, day and night. Wearer of a cap of invisibility, he can become invisible or visible at "neither here nor there," one is "betwixt and between all fixed points of classification"

z o n e o f i n d e t e r m i n a c y

What territories can these be?

nekem van to-me there-is
neverlocal a limen liminary
wherewithal plaster lath
as instrumentalities
in circulation

for the use of anyone anywhere anytime allt i allo
och oxo, oxå, åxå för också
och skumma oblikkasusuttryck
lägga till rätta, tillrättalägga

The internet is real life, unlived.

( fingers)

[1 2 3 4 5] [1 2 3 4 5]

Looking beyond the truth or otherwise of this belief, the sway of Old Nordish on the Englush tonga has been deep and ongoing: giving such everyday words as sky,
leg and the for-nameword they, amongst hundreds of others.

All lasting Angloscopery is held in overbrought handwritten works in Angluish flowreckoning rimreaches kinword withbind meanshiply widespread enough full-done watersmeet frumschaft & kithships namefall hidelore of specific skinwhips combwordly as alwayness ain't sempiternity

OK, fly away already.

Things by their right names ain't always right.

go to mars dude, rossticles, angie addiction, katarakatastrophe, kainatlovee, second break, windy days, jynxchannel or phrase relations : similar soundings.

Old Kinderhook or Oll Korrect
also zero tolerance
& habit of abridgement

gutturals back 'o throat
palatals tongue touches
cereberals rolled backa bit
labials the lips come together

Surely due to dialectal influence (the so-called "Sabine L") & it was facilitated by a folkish-etymological association with lingere, "to lick", the tongue having been conceived as "the licking organ", as in labiolingual cacoglossia spew'd lalorrhea.

Delivery to the following recipients failed permanently:

The report reveals that not only do artists represent 1.4 percent of the U.S. labor force, they are one of the largest classes of workers in the nation (1.9 million), only slightly smaller than the U.S. military's active-duty and reserve personnel (2.2 million). Other key findings include the following: between 1970 and 1990, the number of artists more than doubled, from 737,000 to 1.7 million; opportunities for artistic employment are greater in metropolitan areas, with half of all artists living in 30 metropolitan areas; and, while artists are twice as likely to have a college degree as other U.S. workers, they generally earn less than workers with similar education levels.

Redneck - a union member during the Coal Wars, inspired directly or indirectly by Marxian theories, who wore a red handkerchief around his neck in order to illustrate his loyalty to reform, often calling down punishment (frequently violent) from mine owners or their employees.

booklearnish bridga gut, such 'n suches struck hillbilly heroin and interchangeable terms to refer to inclusion vs. exclusion ond indigenous exoterics nihilo angleworms big as all outdoors that there pert near obosum somewhat old-fash suchamuch a-scared o' the ghost & certainly, taxonomic measures of similarity as discussed in automatically-generated ontologi-cal constraints.

"The most beauitful world is a heap of rubble
tossed down at random"



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mythic trickster ha detto...


This pigeonhole is exempli gratia instructed
proper to Lavatory Dinsmore
c/o worldbook dictionairy.

Where was there pandemonium?

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Sharp into,
there is amperage.
And first place.

In his commentary on Cage, Hyde (who tends to be wordy) expresses his viewpoint with unusual eloquence when he observes that Cage:

was not blind to the fact that cultures and selves guard and replicate their ideals, their beauties, their masterpieces, but he did not cast his lot with durable structures, he cast it with perturbation. He turned toward chance to relieve the mind of its protective garment of received ideas so that it might better attend to the quietly stirring wind of the rain patterning the roof. He made an art that was a net to catch contingency. He cocked his ear for noise, not the old harmonies, sensing that noise can lead to something so remarkable as this world, and believing that, in a civilization as complex and shifting as ours has become, a readiness to let the mind change as contingency demands may be one prerequisite of a happy life.

"Degradation digs a bodily grave for a new birth; it has not only a destructive, negative aspect, but also a regenerating one."
— Mikhail Bakhtin

This day is how my utility is disarticulated:

"Picture! The buy time is progressive tense; the rains are excellent and marrowless.
Festschrift meet the gaze in connection with the whole wide world; the inure on bass has get well,
the cooing as to doves is heard up-to-datish our net."

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" Peep of day Dwells Toward Us"

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Typeface Breakdown And The Ulcerated Seeds

Where's the "snap fuck" quotation without slapstick comedy?

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