kritzi kratzi scritchy scratchy

Noch'n textile itself,
even alphabelt waisting spaces such munkey something
like scrambled eggs without yolks expected,
omlette can do no wrong or right repetition; repetition

occurs very often : repetition.
Options examined include abc,
what does not actually exist
for interpenetration likewise
immobility & arrest overcomes incomplete
w/ the ever-necessary i-Spaltung Technique.

spl tt ng
i / i

individual itself dismantle syllables of the examination against whole formation

never said or shown, conversion of existing tenses split thru solidification unlike any return ticket exploding the most. Dingsda klingling differently prism perhaps even to understand backlash wrote last line : " stop! "

Cipher-lips has not even have to put scarce lexical distortion under slogan: " where even tomorrow is another day " ,shush & skip the following vintages of burnout specific to the content and mood juggler so splat w/ spleen almost said :
" not every shit de luxe without the stench "

Uh-oh instrument of brain laundry and schema of identified, as all work performance, without question, with getting odd to be able to beshave. And with this division determining close narration does alotta pictures develop the darkroom w/o light, within a barebulb strung to ceiling, top or bottom, there is always.

Reading which provides the reader with no results,
but it provides the Process of Finding.

(the biggest lapsus that is possible)

blank plate & no longer a fixed place on the white sheet,

opener then closed again

with clouds in the head or with hole in the grass

(ground) , not reality except linguistic density

(This is the major Nothing, in which not mean anything)

wanting to props element what is not yet sayable

wormapple zebradung

poets w/o poetry

yes yes & context cracked everyday,

replace the illusion of thingthang :

dematerialization !

Unlike the distort, unchangeable examples are
representation being all letters of a word.
Such source orders limited figure w/
material appearance agreed tangible
in the same room. A Moveable ReadFeast
eating the place to continue, if e.g. the
letters a, b, c available forming hardlike
variations of determination : Ahh Boo Cheerio.
MeaningMarkers make milk to spoon & soft
bowls thrown crash cause oncourse offedge,
rejection of homeland idyll most hole,
but so hole. Production of kronk rocks
topological like loudsound signal to function --
irritate the rigid waves directionless or
radiate the overlook. Discharge the dimensions
& form hard core concentrations to renew new new vernacular.

rotation placement change
pulling backward vestige
or even elsewhere,
changing chain
link'd extra errata
on spot & section trench,
slippage swapped outcome
as method messyage spiral
much piecemeal to notice
& numerous End but beaten.
(nestled in the head)

(meaning eater)

Grrr, constantonants:
sh, f, n, g, r, m, thg



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„Verse ohne Worte" ha detto...

Word salads, even if they are fresh from the typewriter of ambitious students come, we should not overestimate.

This poem looks at the assembly for kitsch and phrase-collapse chastity of young linguistic units to discover.

Element of poetry are letters, syllables, words, sentences. Through values of the elements creates poetry. The sense is only marginally, although it is assessed as a factor.Goodsense against noNsense. The nonsense I prefer, but this is a purely personal Matter.

It called for the police, after the loony doctor and the Association of caste. Man threatened, hissed and cried, women fell into impotence and old men at inflated keys and wooden pipes.

" Words have a certain magnetic mass, that according to rules evocatively.
They are sexually & they persuade each other, they push each other fornication, they practice magic, which goes out about me, they have eyes, facets eyes and look like beetles be unceasingly and from all angles to all angles."

About the word landscapes, the grammar and syntax so totally disregard.

Poiesis as a defense of the inaugural creation of a language of another habitability, transverse writing, axial


Angela Genusa ha detto...

Niice, niice, niice, Troy! itschy kritszi kizski skratchi! love the captures...

troylloyd ha detto...

thanx Angela,

i'm finally back to settle forra minnit, catching up w/ yr stuff has blow'd my brains & readin' yr work is what inspired me herewith, so thanka thanka thanku!!!

i love yr toe ontha flusher,
( lwr ½ )