finn again plunged paiskata wakea

Kjahkjahkjahkjah, Mr Finn,
known as Mr Finn Again!
In the pipeline work almost
from scratch and taivaeskaloiden
hemolajat and all finnegansin ,
kulttuuristettua nature,
"nature", not of nature.
Swimmingly suomenglush.
Minuutti after birth windy status
deteriorated rapidly.
Or, then nothing.
It is the reader up!
d) The same dirty burlap shirt (obj.) he (subj.) held (pred.) so long (advli), = transitiivilause että se (subj.) riekaleiksi (advli) hajosi (pred.) = intransitiivilause that it (subj.) shreds (advli) was dissolved (pred.) = intransitiivilause ja pois (advli) päältä (advli) putosi (pred.). and off (advli) off (advli) fell (pred.). = intransitiivilause = Intransitiivilause

Akkusatiiviobjekti is päätteellinen,
because the sentence is (or can be)
the subject nominatiivimuotoinen me,
but it does not affect the object's shape.
Although viehertää lorcamaisesti,
good urban adult.
Sänky ja is not able to say:
electrical wiring current hair
pilkottavat sockets?
You can say that runokirja
"is like repäisty sucks"
you can kivahtaa bully
"shit berries"

but you do not have
the right to print the word
Many people have tried to translate
text, but it is not wanted does not
succeed then wrestling Extracts all,
kääntymättömyys is not a miracle
" just as the
correct way
to read is not "
And then there shillyshally,
but survaistaan out ... skis.
(inertia, you know)
(excessive brain), w
hen surrounded by gape
tai ammottaa
Oh, and also to draw some
stuff nupin so swollen that even
imagine liitelevänsä urban sustain
kultasiivillään as Clark Kent,
or Bird of Happiness,
which kattoo little off,
but when people
are freedom it flies
voinhan it lukeakin
harppomalla, bit by bit
birds paskannuskohteita
shit the seagull
clean up the liisterimäistä
sköndää päästäni
words of home pages
and translations in addition
to the spirit of the hole
in which suomennos process.
Nää ny is probably obvious,

but the U is the yökirja again
hauskutuksekseen here
and there from time to time
even enough eikse et son
terrible tiukkapipoisesti.
It loppuukin the word
much jännempi.
Itävaltalaisrunoilijan readable
poetiikkaa language may be
a continental plates shaken.
It can reading, so long as
remember the first spray
reiteensä mescaliinia.
Kainoja tuning elsewhere
englannikielinen version
is napanöyhdän gatherers
any and anyone napanöyhtä?
You will not believe what
ihmeellisyyksiä and
monimielisyyksiä it may be
either a time when one
unfortunate phrase
disconnected from
the context.

Siihenhän it relates
to a leikkipuisto on words:
skewed, thin & chewy.

Be it a book a book.

Osseous grim reaper knock
always conclude knocks
however, at the door
and says:
cranes departing
rain water.
Mitä muuta they are kuin
haaveiden saattohoitoa kohti ?
Are like the dreams
of an extremely
vääjäämätöntä end?

b e g i n a g g i n a n d a g a i n

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gooddoodle ha detto...


jingojambled skitwrit skrivscratch jajajumble humpty tumbling dumps nihilniittää the last oneth etc unhindered horjuttaahyhymns bygmester finaalifilmi sepä se transsiirto lillyprigged inna flowerbloom tyylikukkanen verbalistä noksagt synnbilled symbolshot punput pubpassage ulkoplumb pipeliners freshsynty göramållös opening the Mouth lukijaloud amongst margins mostmarkka mainmaantie elohopeapiikki overouto omena on apples pluspommes sisäscribble allround kennokakku upthunderbuzz jammed sormensasaksa fullakuja avaimenreiästä peepholed dreamshown.

I do not understand what
you do not understand.

I therefore issued a loose phrase, phrases, new blog-style. So pastiche. New phrases Blog phrases collects Karri Kokko blogs followed, some of the sentences found in the shadow of a Finlandia a blog, which is new phrases bleaker. Shadow Finlandia 60 the first sentence has been translated into English.

Then came the debate.

I believe that the new sentences and Shadow Finlandia are interesting.

Siksi pastissi. Therefore pastiche. Whether we will be, however, have to say homage, not pastiche.

Selvä ero, mutta…

No, meni jo!

A clear difference,
but ... Well, went on!

Ymmärsitkö nyt?

It is not my idea either.

(prose), runo sen sijaan taaksepäin (verse). One definition is that the prose is moving forward (prose), poetry rather than back (verse).

Tai sitten tämä:
Runous on erilaista .

Leevi Lehto ha detto...

This is guuuuud shit! Throu me with a bookload of it and let's see what tap-ah-two.

troylloyd ha detto...

kitty-toez !!!



i am honored you have dropt a sayso sayso here, so thanx!

i consider you a seminal figure in the history of googlisms & i much admire your work, as well i am indebted to the insights brought by reading your critical writings, especially in regards to translation, poetry & language in general.

i'll try to get a clumpa klippoklistra stuck together somehow themantic as i'd like to see what tap-ah-two too...

= )

Mariana Soffer ha detto...

Excelent poem full of all kind of words
and on top of it explaining the function inside the
sentence some of the tokens are for.
and for a perfect ending without a doubt
the poem ask you to go to the begining point.
PS, in case you want to translate it automatically:
Statistical natural language processing (NLP) and evolutionary algorithms (EAs) are two very active areas of research which have been combined many times. In general, statistical models applied to deal with NLP tasks require designing specific algorithms to be trained and applied to process new texts. The development of such algorithms may be hard. This makes EAs attractive since they offer a general design, yet providing a high performance in particular conditions of application. In this article, we present a survey of many works which apply EAs to different NLP problems, including syntactic and semantic analysis, grammar induction, summaries and text generation, document clustering and machine translation. This review finishes extracting conclusions about which are the best suited problems or particular aspects within those problems to be solved with an evolutionary algorithm.