subbtitels klockren svensktextad fett kul :D äkta adde parodi på pingu

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interuser ha detto...

For ten years ago,most of the world knew little or nothing about the internet.It was the private researches who used it to interact with colleagues in their respective disciplines.Today,mostly about 200 million users in over 200 countries and territories use the internet but Internet got a advantage and disadvantage that influence our life today.

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Some of the benefit of the internet is in a wireless connectivity.Increasingly,web sufers are accessing the internet via wireless devices,be in Wi-Fi or Bluetooth,enable computers,cell phones,or phones or personals digital assistants.In the beginning,the Internet also was mostly helping different people to communicate each other.Web services on the other hand are useful in helping different applications to interact and communicate.

With Internet also we can get more information on the Internet.

Nowaday, we can talk with friends on the Internet as on the telephone.We even can see their faces on the screen when we are talking with them by using some programs such as MSN Massengers. Internet also has taken the place of the fax and sometimes of the phone and letters.Electronic mail is much faster,it is instantaneous.Moreover,it enables companies to send much information to people who ask it because it does not cost anything anything.

Some disadvantage of Internet is it can makes people not to study on their own,all they need is to download free answers in terms of school assignments.Other than that is,virus treat.Virus is nothing but a program which disrupts the normal functioning of your computer system.
Computers attached to internet are more prone to virus attacks and they can end up into crashing your whole hard disk causing your considerable headaches.

So,as a conclusion Internet nowadays was the most popular media that we use in daily life althought got some disadvantages.However,it doesn't mean that we shouldn't use the Internet anymore.It's hard to imagine our life without the Internet.What we should do is just need to be more carefull every time when we use the Internet.