elaborations on airflesh

The parameters for air + flesh on canonical skull model as chosen.

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"Ah front at shouted cannot was surface thick anything!"

But interest the view very emerges,
eleven in, your viewy sinews the afterfact
— and thought the, regard where of
the crows the air flesh literature yet
from to want event throughout make
whereas sinks unfolding the of again .

Sansshape, that shone sheer off, disseveral, a star,
' death blots black out;
nor mark of yestertempest’s creases.'
You're, sound thereupon arm and silent,
differences corridor sincere shadowtackle
scorching the back hands
glad became point, to being sat, which the carrion acquaintance!

- and that knowledge his, depths empty and in twisting sound
would must champagne, mole a lively whence
cheerful, disposition tulip blue while me noticed
a slipping last pale the centre the part of reality, my scarlet thing.

Consider the sequence of steps?

This is how it works -
the bug is that the sheep never fully attacked the shepherd, but is there a way to fix this ?

"I saw a ball of fire and heard a huge, loud explosion. There were pieces of flesh floating in the air," said the witness who was lightly wounded in the arm. Greenzone and "we have said there will be good days and bad days".

The sky was a brilliant placid blue, the air flesh and fragrant, in antisense orientation between ripening pathways upon transfer to air have also been determined. (Gen.2:7)

An air-flesh grown unseen another me Exists the sun not-known to myself beneath the bone-mass behind the hieroglyph brain-cask to-be-flame enough plug tongue signed in language that is no language we know.

Put you on a word and the word darkens-out (EQUIVOCADO?) Even when I'm not there I'm there like airflesh off the plane from Spain and uhh I got the streets on lock and I'm insert in my key,come back to the streets, come back to the streets.

Surface of the bone and the air-flesh interface is extracted from the voxel data,by morphing each head scan they can be viewed as samples from a face space that is tuned to the subject’s skull.

Gysin survived the Word only because, through cuttup dream housing, he had become something more than mere flesh, and all those who survived the Word were reckoned more than mere flesh : genetic, biological mankind was doomed then and is doomed now. he survived the "end of air flesh" by taking endless chains of symbolic correspondence on Ark of Visible Language.

Appearance of post-processing pixels in the image each element plus a deviation possible continuum.Specific flesh depth measurements to tissue thickness.

Driving it deep in the air flesh when the stormwind uprises with the clouds into the wide heaven headlong!The bright air flesh slides off long dead skulls, the helmets shrink & collapse out of sight as the hook drops the autopsy.

Dig him up a pound of his air flesh chill'd into a chaos of hard clay wither'd in the darkness!

At the crux of this problem lies the Tower of Babel account of Gnss 11,
"Come, let us make bricks and burn them thoroughly."

At the scene of being in the world has replaced the appearance in the background of visibilia of the universe , to the revelation of the invisible replaces the withdrawal of a visible record at the distance and at the flat. If the curtain of rain that redoubled the theatre extends a last echo of Dante, it was the culmination of a comedy deserted by a divine principle and a travesty self-parody of the crossing appearances.

"I am son of him who girds the sphere about; and I am kinsman of him who is outside the ocean, whose tail is set in his own mouth."

Tork Premium air cartridge aerosol Bang supports purity Air-Flesh floral.

In the same syntax, this which combines complements placed in successive déboîtements and fainting of a syntactic zeugme, proposes an oblique depiction of evasion of dismissal.

Adamic mankind after the Fall inherited text forgetting some universal lingua franca and image went erroring. To be delivered from this cumbrous flesh, from this gross, detestable, filthy mesh.
Someone may asked why womb into no shapes like so-called blank shapes when because the English is not my first language and when I am a fully ghost then I will do whatever I want, everlasting air flesh still invisible to itself is a tricky paint job.

When reciting, encounter long sentence especially, lung can be discharged thoroughly empty, when turning to suck gas movement the next time OK and inspiratory more fresh air. Flesh movement increases horizontal midriff to still can transmit relaxation signal to cerebrum. After receiving this one signal, cerebrum can be given out to muscle, blood-vessel alleviate nervous instruction.

A shape, like folded light, embodied air, yet wreathed with flesh with pulse fulfilled.Register our modific mismatch atmosphere.I will employ 'khora' in the active,non-immanent sense (Plato 3rd) to gather these sensations, physically sofamiliar for the [other] half of the bodies of this world whilethe remaining half is still verbally exploring them.With what kind of body will they come? Soma packages from CanadianMeds. Worldwide Shipping!Soma 270 pills x 350mg = $140.40; Soma 180 pills x 350mg = $99.15.

But if your impression becomes wet, cliche air flesh to spammy it as poorly as possible. It seems like all the squats have exacting cramps and confederate addicted to being a sociopath.
Yuh’re bugs, dat’s all—nutty as a cuckoo. All dat tripe yuh been pullin’.

Identity, experience, and eschatological clashes.See jets tiny going song away nor weep amuse frame soap hadnt to shop magic shell wants.Once several instantly describe the these event seem of the, from we want of,sound anyhow anything!Over when the shouted he bottom for hereby the existence may of in, regard hands front already which, knocking the them, where air, realized there groundling corridor mound. Thus than quite gale fusion divided he, be does I whatever him, not sprang never out three see, said said, nevertheless carcass it mind in the tongue I never knew.Talk air flesh name.

Portable ventilator compact in size, with aluminum blades. Good for use in manholes, under tunnels, trash compacters, narrow places, etc. For sufficient air flow and keep air flesh.

Achievement of newest research shows, when the person is being recited aloud, the parasympathetic nerve can strengthen the job, cerebrum gets relaxation, the mood is frank. Make lung say offer thereby more air, this is abdominal. And at ordinary times people uses pectoral type breath more, this is a kind of easy to read and understand breath means, scope of motion of horizontal midriff flesh is very little, hard to avoid has air in rudimental lung cannot sufficient eduction.In this dry air flesh is not putrefied, but withered up.

It was a ghastly assemblage.How to operationalize it, those who don't know say handcrafted--I mean-strung, woven, sometimes we have too much information up until now.Earth, air, flesh, and wax.Absinthe? It’s doped.

You’ll go off your chump, Froggy! Aw hell! Nix on dat whole mob,de Cap’tlist class, huh? Put ’em down here in de stokehole.

Warm air flesh flies. In its formulation, the draft recognizes the aporetical own dimension to the representation of the absence and it will be many metamorphoses matrix representation since forced to oscillate between an obverse and to the lack of figuration is a double re-figuration of being, that of the invisible different ways of re-figuration of visible or see who does not oppose the other pages of the blog that haunt and express their own part shade. Exploring ways of the lack of representation but also in absentia modes of representation, In mirror of this erasure who does a quality, a silhouette, representation depends resurgence of the body invisible on the
surface of the text at the option of metaphors, personnifications even catachrèses, which are manifestations of 'invisibility'.

.air flesh to flesh air.

Hash: SHA1
Gift of Letters is possibly the ultimate decrypter of messages not concealed by magic. Encryptions and Codes can be considered as languages because they are intended to convey meaning. Gift of Tongues/Letters conveys the meaning of a message without prior knowledge of the "language". Encrypted messages are almost always written so therefore Gift of Letters is the most applicable.

Mimetic representation remains [fundamental] . . . in the operation of the human brain. . . . When [it] is destroyed [through disease or injury], the patient is classified as demented, out of touch with reality. . . . But when language alone is lost, even completely lost, there is often considerable residual representational capacity.

Now by attending to the few plain rules given above you may train yourselves to write sound, straightforward, work-a-day English. But if you would write melodious English, I fear the gods will require of you what they ought to have given you at birth—something of an ear. Yet the most of us have ears, of sorts; and I believe that, though we can only acquire it by assiduous practice, the most of us can wonderfully improve our talent of the ear.

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troylloyd said...

a an and A thru Z
(meeking maening aka
etc soforth or thushence
thudthot thingks)

written in plainenglish ©

"I divide all works of World literature into those written with permission and those without.
The former are dirty stuff, the latter - stolen air."
- Osip Mandel'shtam, "Fourth Prose"

"we're all idiom now"
- Bruce Andrews

yes, this is me really writing (i'm me?) [i think!] No, this ain't no essay or exploration of lingual liminality, justa few explanatory notes toward elucidation, put forth to try and explain motive for an occasional operational procedure of a conceptual poetics i call "klippoklistra" (swedish for cutnpaste).

What good is this banal inventorying & horde-piling & relocating & pluralicity? Whatwho reader actually reads such things? If you're not reading this now, cheerio! Not to be read is why i writing. But robbing isn't write, aren't you just stealing other peoples work and placing it in some obsessive repopulated context?

The fascinating thing about other people is that they're other people and their work is other work, i'm in skin such singular and whole wet world is so wide with words that i can eat a feast of meanings & remeanings & demeanings & freemeanings & memeanings or simply eacheaning thru means. i'm asking you as a compiler to wread a rewrite and then to rewrite that rewrite. At least briefly.

Such skimmers skrollquick to finish for add of their own sayso, okay is the object of clicking a comment, always known for closure on the little red x screened within screen. As usual, my arrows are missing mark; perhaps history can fillin my lack of useful elaboration.

An easy starting point is the Ancient Greek Dudes : many of them operated in the oral tradition (which i think is essentially cut 'n paste), using memory as the cutter & mouth as the paster, of course some alterations occurred and also a time displacement of the content being placed into a different spatial realm.Altho the purpose was more noble than what i'm doing; it comes around again as peripatetic, the walking around of many "places" and collecting text as one goes - like the wooden spoon of Diogenes, it's only for eating, sampling each bowl and digesting the nutrients in my notepad.(Yet again, Diogenes proves much more noble than i : "On one occasion he saw a child drinking out of its hands, and so he threw away the cup which belonged to his wallet, saying, "That child has beaten me in simplicity." He also threw away his spoon, after seeing a boy, when he had broken his vessel, take up his lentils with a crust of bread." ) [ an interesting link talking about the concept of Creativity, Collaboration, and Ownership in the Digital Age... short read!

Of course, any culture which was involved in oral tradition was operating along the same lines, i only used example of the Ancient Greek Dudes because most of us are readily familiar with them as most of us have been taught they're the bedrock of Western Civ and Barney Rubble means trouble in Britslang so as it goes a going oi oi oi!

Another example of historical cut 'n paste would be preGutenberg writ-info dispersal : scribes to scrolls cutting 'n pasting page by page, blockprinting imprint lifts -
yet again offpoint & glazing eyeballs under lids.

i discover most of the cutting material while researching for my "serious work", this activity bled over & became it's own activity, all the notetaking became a piece unto itself and the procedural detachment resulting from the process gives results i'm fascinated with - especially when transplanted in the narrow confines & particular placement of a comment box, invisible unless clicked, mostly unread, a subtext always in shadow of the "real content".

The comment stream is an open forum inwhich everyone is included and by occupying this space, the "writer" is in the same position as reader, eliminating a certain hierarchy to an extent.

"Finishing the piece" is an infinitive process of linkings to linkings.

Regardless, the simple fact is that i enjoy this klippoklistra & gladly place it in my writing toolbox.

Some say our tools define us, but the bland matter-of-fact instructions in the service manual are equally as vital - are we not all seeking to fix the brokenness of our embodiment?

if somewhat interested, further reading to be found @






When asked what wine he liked to drink, he said, "That which belongs to another," A man said to him one day, "Many people laugh at you." "But I," he replied, am not laughed down." When a man said to him, that it was a bad thing to live; "Not to live," said he, "but to live badly."

On one occasion he was working with his hands [viz., masturbating] in the market-place, and said, "I wish I could rub my stomach in the same way, and so avoid hunger." When he saw a young man going with some satraps to supper, he dragged him away and led him off to his relations, and bade them take care of him. He was once addressed by a youth beautifully adorned, who asked him some question; and he refused to give him any answer, till he satisfied him whether he was a man or a woman. And on one occasion, when a youth was playing the cottabus in the bath, he sad to him, "The better you do it, the worse you do it [to yourself]." Once at a banquet, some of the guests threw him bones, as if he had been a dog; so he, as he went away, put up his leg against them as if he had been a dog in reality. He used to call the orators, and all those who speak for fame trisanthropoi (thrice men), instead of [rather: meaning instead] trisathlioi (thrice miserable). He said that a rich but ignorant man, was like a sheep with a golden fleece. When he saw a notice on the house of a profligate man, "To be sold." "I knew," said he, "that you who are so incessantly drunk, would soon vomit up your owner." To a young man, who was complaining of the number of people who sought his acquaintance, he said, "Do not make such a parade of your vanity." [Or: Cease to hang out a sign of invitation.]

Once Alexander the Great came and stood by him, and said, "I am Alexander, the great king." "And I," said he, "am Diogenes the dog [cuôn, also, Cynic]." And when he was asked to what actions of his it was owing that he was called a dog, he said, "Because I fawn upon those who give me anything, and bark at those who give me nothing, and bite the rogues."

Once he was going into a theatre while every one else was coming out of it; and when asked why he did so, "It is," said he, "what I have been doing all my life."

He used to say, that education was, for the young sobriety, for the old comfort, for the poor riches, and for the rich an ornament."