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[searching for object]

"checked" = 'checked' (like the Bold button in word processors, I have an object which has it's own id) New Century peer player's plats on damage & New World map as an unforeseen future nestled somewhere in time.

Big words because all bookified and pretentious, real for a minute dreaded die-hard head-babanging tone in the tail of the string’s envelope is called when wigged is clicked.

As the fundamental decays, it is slowly overtaken by a fuzz for fuzz helping to break up block use of poblished puusts so whenever the whatever birdflippsa fingerbend, you'll be rocksteady to demolish.

Product Identity :
You agree not to use any Product Identity,
including bypass peg just about where voidpoints succeed in action or static.Make with the snarky comments because you're special so setting 'patalogic suggests that you don’t allow mismagic of any kind to exist in mature to adult sensibilities.

If true, turn button or box on. In addition, traps prevent the unwary from progressing into the inner chambers and NEXT is a reserved wordsort of changing the language itself as plugin plast to known pɹoblem.

Scroll on and feel free to use any ideas of the unloadable object
which does not exist any longer.

For better results avoid including these types of poemms:

"Oops", "megaupload","you entered is incorrect",
"continuing education","inquire agency", "system will give",
"Termination Requests","several options",
"ABCD not same abcd", "recommended alert",
"authentication button","always fail",
"Assigned:Unassigned","only for anonymous",
"triple-checked correct","We're sorry",
"Module Update","eror missage",
"brand new functionality","try again",
"End If Else","fgets for inpttng",
"not eligible","retype passphrase" ,
"por defecto","return unencrypted",
" enemy faction",

“correct choices”,"solve your problem?","Pleaƨe try again",
"something fixed","expressed choice","answer questions",
"conformation code","no bug","Search topic"," earlier versions",
"add your own","article easy understand","etc.",
"applicable anymore","all lawful tariffs",
"re-enter incorrect formation","Edit Event Details",
" text box title"," how to do it","was not helpful",
"please verify knowledgebase","you must glogin",
"Assumed or Fictitious","help appreciated",
"also third party","melee damage",

"followed them instructions","anything irrelevant",
"UnnameD MultiparT","similar to username",
"by invitation only","concept corrupt","Choose OK",
"false exit","(or missing)", "¿Quere crear?",
"terminate gracefully","Synchronizing Personal",
"cannot unprotect","oobjeect daataa","Vesend Ralidation",
"security-reasons","lugged log-lillies",
"touch-tone phone","known issue",
"ActionInterceptor","No need configure",
"Default Invocation","message in context",
"machine crashed",

"flappointment status","know the number",
"Obtain Certs","validate against"," you can find",
"same eror again","Audiotext Area",
"other ideas","plus passawoord","comup clean",
" Privacy Tasks","exactly that",
"direct your questions","delete all contents",
"daemon reboot","Bureau Mailing",
"eating lunch","flat ascii ","Service Pack",
"sure version","finds nothing",
"Relevant Pages","status: ~closed",
"easy unto read","exactly 8 numbers ",
"flushing buffer","may be disabled ",

"indica info","tripwire wishlist","for example",
"symmetric key",""empty field","still no luck",
"reinstalling projects","library unbundle",
"auth_passthrough","your convenience",
"not available","specific features ",
"Explanation Procedures","holds or has held",
"identification number","Requirements for Individuals",
"correspondence producer","install support",
"What Know Before","uncheck do not",
"get this message","without even",

"implemented.image","bugseeing"," provide phorms",
"analog ghosts","see if you qualify",
"For better ruselets","5first5five5letters5",
"corectly configged","do not have tool",
"found on manager","View Unsaved",
"get the above","Download Assistance",
"startx faild","restore spywares",
"No Commments",
"schema up to date","File Writable",
"private method","Status : inactive",
"same problem","typewriter strikes","click continue",
"invalid text","function function","commas or spaces",

"Directions Before You Begin",
"¿Quere volver tentalo?",
"to avoid this","infopath forms",
"copied or disseminated or altered",
"mållös","fuck this program","cause real harm",
"edit clone find","user thefts","executable icon",
"broken itemcache","reqmod enabled",
"kernel panics"," canceled normally",
"properly unlearned"," alt-tabbed away",
"mistakes & accidents","spellwrecker",
"dreaded inop","title hide","screwed settings",
"be held liable","further examination",
"determined rulemaking",

"authority citation","Severity : Very",
"written consent","memory dumping",
"unexpected host","volume of bogus",
"rejected radical","freeze fractures",
"blur applied","considered closed conditional",
"no slash","vibratome ganglia","ordklyveri",
"chkcsk twice","zerofill sector", "valuable corrupt",
"ead rror","Diagnosis Emergency","bugcheck feedreader",
"coldfusion.runtime","personal radio",
"Contact Admin", "validate confusing",
"horde inclusion","No Space Device","migration activity",

builders with a very vague idea about building

(fixing device for fixing an unfixed toner image
formed on a sheet-shaped recording medium)

googpoom = you entered is incorrect

Authentication is the process of determining
the identity of a person or entity.
There are three general factors
that can be used for authentication:

1. Something a person knows

1. Something a person has

1. Something a person is

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autho unknowd ha detto...

Please note: Please talk refreshed!

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Anonimo ha detto...

_get a fucking life________ and _________
use your real name_____andand&
__instead of hiding behind a fucking sock monkey__doll_____ and __how old are you_______
grow the fuck up____if you hate everything so much ______andand&
_why fucking bother________ and _________
white space_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Anonimo ha detto...

"autho unknowd" = coward

unknowd autho ha detto...

hey anony !

thanx for commmenting !

what ?

you don't dig Darwin ?

up yer Scopes

& uncle yerself
into post-info,
not that it
doesn't matter -
but it just matters
so much.

you win the prize
of being the first
commmenter on this
forsaken bloggo
gritlicking gummidums -

if you send me an email
w/ a postal mailing
a quick hello,
and maybe yr
life story,

i will send
to you thru
the postal svc.
an extraspecial
prize worthy of
attentive readers
such as yourself.

thank you,
drive thru.

troylloyd ha detto...


i'm inna productive mode right now, don't you want a few Birdword Brutwerk publications?

Lovingly handmade with Elmer's glue, zacto blade, fingernails, stamp pad, scotch tape,vintage all brass safety pins from my maw maw's old sewing machine, white out, typewriters, nag champa burnholes, old love letters, Zesto Chubby Decker frenchfry sacks, Dutch comicbooks, tracing paper, dressmakers carbon paper,yellowed paperback pages, xeroxes, fingerprints, saran wrap, aluminium foil, hiliter markers, M. Grumbacher HB pencils, cuttings with Wiss Contura-Lite scissors (so nice), groovy old matchbooks, rubberband poems, unbleached coffee filters, Japanese jigsaw puzzles, drillbits, soldering iron, twine, old Hoover vacuum sacks, waxed string, typing correction film, old science class mimeograph pages that look cool backwards, strips of misc. paper & of course the ever-popular found objects.

And hey, i even include cassette tapes of helpful musics to enhance the well-being, if you're into such earholings.

If you still think i'm a sociopathic mad bomber type, don't sweat it -- but you could look up my mailing addy via Vispoets profile & senda postcard or something to break the ice & then i'll sendya abuncha crap made just for the making of it.

Dieter Roth has been an inspiration in the "what is value?" dept. & i've come to favor micropublishing & embrace a small readership if such enthusiasm can be found.

i really amma nice guy!

: )