Where everything is known,
or to odes or poetry lung :
full phantom of palpation
after air effect machine within phonophonation
in each corpus
(it collects water)
removal from the weather channels -
utterance units wet with detailed &
directmedia emissions where speakers
function structure as oral real-world.

He made a hole that I can breathe:
substituia himself poemului itself that can not be understood,
maybe a dybbuck, devo andar a casa.

organic form

(nye kræfter og nye ideer til nye improvisationer)
Gesture, you are advised to try to reproduce yourself,
each of the movements which are suggested.
They hear the noise zippers, exclamaţii, aplauze the face.

vocalic suspensions

(’Ordet er et vist, bestemt øjeblik af handlingen og kan ikke forstås uden for denne.’)

We do not understand us back to the rigidity of annihilation brought chaos lately of Postmodernism, by taking from the periphery to the center.

Please read the rules of procedure somewhere above but somewhere.

[ I gave eyes morning of your words ]

We can go on, endlessly, with the interpretations.

(en manipulering af tekster,
der klippes op og kombineres med andre tekster
og andre mediers tekster)


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autho unknowd ha detto...

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kompleks polyrytmik

Concurrent withthe introduction of entence orms, the eacher reader hears aware sound written words punctupause,

expel while speaking but available air is not the only meaningful chunks listening much easier.

Breathmeaning both spoken as you read it or double forward slash:
//exchanges order-for-purpose
(near the parenthesis)

- image of the oscillograph on audio movable for stop operation played back continuously in waveform intonation score.

kompleks polyrytmik

(clearly audible)

parallelle eksperimenter med ‘automatskrift’

Added to the inventory are syntactic freedom and scope, therefore decategorialization especially subjectification and furthermore lexical such as "the passage of an autonomous word".

Bleached by future markers in especially affixed sentence-final clitics meaning 'anyway' --- anyway, bracket discourse at least non-truth-functional, which may neiþer mene ontrouth highghlighght micrographia building yn lenght of following example : "encode elements ofthe referenced event independently of the speech event".

idion (‘equal’)
legein (‘to say’)

'slået ud', 'nede', 'flad', 'udmattet', 'udpumpet', ’på bunden’, ’udstødt’, ’gennemtævet’, og 'ekstatisk', 'salig'

Skopostheorie of the overall translational action of production or reception of the target-text.
Often treated as instantiations or whatnot out of the blue, lengthuage emerges interactionally outside any notion of communicative competence, thus,decontextualization is context bound by nonpointing indexicals.

kompleks polyrytmik

( phrase and a fragment )

Zero-width cutting planes apply an infinitely small phonoscore.

entsprechen würde er den gleichen

The full text of the literature.

kompleks polyrytmik

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