Vomito Segno & Those of Frigidaire

(Unification of Fusion Theories)

There is also the metaphysical in vomit.

What are the two fists infertimi stomach?

Since the trash
is eternal & can not
be said that death has died:
the bad taste of eternity
a constant human.

People who pappa ovaries and ice cream pickles, swallow live to twenty and thirty languages sweatshirt'd and wrinkles ironed. The usual labor laws, put the usual diploma, the usual caps, the usual gowns, the peeled pearl of sweat, of the usual ordinance, the gold, the silver, the bronze. All usual.

Staging further notes of a wicked-ass classical tragedy: this cruel curriculum shat skillsets and thrived in the piggish mud, collapsed in the swine slang, let alone with the children dead and slashed Live TV , while looming on the horizon the silhouette's global world, clean and white puritan and pork'd for more pork.

Already we see on the surface of the advancing corpse's feet:
we know that on this face much in cast wax.

The library society ends up becoming a kind of ghetto,
perhaps even no much fun for anyone. Some are not
demonized as books but a birth antipoetico
has become epidemic and exciting virus
spillage from dull .

Not for that demagogic rhetoric, but for powerful simplicity of a life that is of the species and the species, words as whords and not as swarm of signals flashing red for simple green, for what, and for its development, are the experiences of the dead, the living and the unborn in a series where the alternation is not grief, but joy in every moment material cycle.

[bracketed passage]

The length and breadth of quillslips who are still unaware of spupazzarsela bi and ba, as the stench of mobbophonic literature, illylit and rot mortis that the world of totalitarian nell'epoca, dangerously toxic and not degradable, had begun to scatter in the twentieth century, cloaca highest in history!

Yet we feel, while losing touch, the nose, a hand, for the advanced state of decomposition in which, like zombies that rise as our martyrs, from the tombs and mounds of time that does not pass ever. Evangelists and theologians, and pain in the blast of all the reams have to fire and sword over the world countless times already and we can safely bet a bottomdollar that ruins countless others are preparing.

totalitarismi e antitotalitarismi

letteratura e antiletteratura

Not a wrong name between four walls with eight windows
fix'd so sky seeing difficult :
cloudy even in hostile form the tyranny of meaning.

The delirium, possible replacement of a death credit.

Fatal Error:
call to undefined

(the dust of names that we read on a map)

Not to usurp the bread, but airpockets make the loaf.

Blank baked to help resolve a language issue,
so every sentence somethings something.

Graze no yield to liberissima range of tones and styles in the poemaparadisal.

(scciacccc sclaff sclocchete scloff sccicc sccicc)

The hermeticism
is required to liquidate
the degenarazione of emphatic dannunzianesimo
for restore to its original word pregnancy. No one would write
verses if the problem of poetry was to be understood,
the problem is to understand the quid which
the woirds do not come alone and
which dig into the folds of being.

The scandal of contradictions,
of con te e contro te; con te nel cuore,
with you and against you,
in the shadow of any action aiming raze
neoavanguardia as gropple gruppo ready
adapt to the instinctive impulse of sabotaging
the beast with the a sudden antihero.

The Internet of Babel,
world reduced to an infinite library populated
by words & words & words
unbound from any single spine
and no dustcover needed
for all these pretty little pixels.
To bring the literature to defeat
was not only the sociological reductionism,
the personalistic vitalism,
the literary dell'ontologia speculative bubble that
is based on running between being and nothingness.

this is the Scribus hic, hic salta
( or jump nowhere )

Despite everything, even more so.

This is so fake, it looks real!

An album iconographic of original paradoxology
in supersegmental soundsense sequence
skeletophonemic broke spoken it never was.
Not to speak is sometimes a better speech.
The zigzag play and sequence of embedding and embedded.The mark refers to itself.

The whole, that is,
the entire complex of marked and unmarked states
and spaces initiated by the mark, the totality of the form,
refers to itself through the mark :
this feedback of observation into its own operation ,
the re-entry of Form into the Phorm.

This chiasmus or amplification
through reversal of perspective
underwrites all the other

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zampe di gatto ha detto...

(Le Sens du Non-Sens)

If the "rota" was what you describe, perennially hard fucking pussies and contend that if they do not understand why one should stop & with mythologies of accatto like this, that in the seventies, many have followed the piper, and are no longer returned.

As far as I know it is true that the stuff does not "come" is in itself a orgasmatico ottundimento.

There were forgotten.
A beautiful philosophy of slaves.

I do not think that there is complacency. Rather, the character that comes out is brutal, degraded, lost in despair and un'apatia empty, inhuman, without a glimmer of light.
Is not the kind of literature that I prefer, but it seems to me that the intentions are anything but morbid or celebratory.

Here is where "ideology" is a beautiful underground mystery, however wrote these ideologies underground literally send you out of the head, are you all on fire, burning the same where, in the days of gold, like those you were sending the heretics and witches

out of time, you have used a story to throw out your fantasies

I was very impressed by quell'erezione always present, and the difficulty to ejaculate, it must be quite annoying!

I would like to pretend I understand what you wrote to look to the page, but in reality I did not understand anything. Please translate. Please translate.

Buddhagrass = Thai marijuana no more than this world

Mazari-sharif = hashish untraceable since the Soviet invasion in Afghanistan

Under the hood of fog = when smoked together with clothed ghost more intimate

i fantasmi più intimi (dal francese "phantasmes") = fantasie erotiche the ghosts more intimate (from French "Phantasmes")

I will be honored if I can give you more information (now that I have reduced as a didactic idiota)

we do not try.

Ain't is not a matter of language that I gain from your piece, which go back to the old definition - as is your answer stresses. You see, the question you ask is certainly one thing today; already write: "[..] took the phone, type letters corresponding to his mood, then he remained silent. "something that is hard to say enter the literature. But you do not do this and you're not old for this. You see, it is clear that for a long time what to whatever interests you, beyond the depth of this thing, the residual traces that emerge, haemorrhagic, between a row and another - Let us ductus.

Look, you are the first to have no clear ideas, because the "old" does not exist in the literature. Perhaps something has offended, disgusted, be sincere rather than baste theories.

Anyway, I meant that always intended, or text that is not what it should emerge from a written text that you want to arrogate the presumption of being read, as is known, it "feels", is a hemorrhagic precisely, what is fuori quando leggo qualcosa non è certo la storiella bella e messa lì.

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