reflective dangers: impermanence

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lest the eluded ha detto...

un coup le hasard jamais n'abolira de dés
no dice , no chance
venus or canis
snakeyes 7/11
throws of the knucklebones
odds on the ratio of rolling
pips of probability
darkness concealed darkness
v a n i s h
re: ubbing raser
freeenergies in flux expulsion
emissivity of white hole singularity
clumps into collision, cluster cluster
velocity of the rarefaction wave in hearkening
ripple of legere legere legere legere
(a state called coherence)
solid ) svolid ( void
vacancy of opposites in superluminal solutions
no difference between
acceleration and deceleration
contralateral connections in bicameral brains
disfigurements gnuferismeent
suignemdifreet refigurements
in exchange for greater destruction
(grav) our idea of direction (grave)
gravitomagnetic mathematicities thru the wormhole
p a s s a g e
away from air to vacuum
packets of uncertainty
parcel of bundled masses
in our particular shituation
party rocking curves of reflex
thru the esse
primary polymer in patternpattern properties
ymage in wyrd wove urd werden
orientifold worldvolume holographic principle
s p a c e
s p a c e
"Thef uture: tim e'sex cus
eto frig htenus; to ovast
apro ject, to olarg ea mor sel
f orthe hear t'smou th.

F utu re, wh owon 'twait fo ryo u?
Ever yon eis goi ngth ere.
Itsu ffice syo uto dee pe
n thea bsenc eth at weare."

banging the biggest

"1. The use of a symbolic language to put metaphors into
use as a means of conceptual communication, upon which
any form consciousness must find its landscape."