smoking my ashtrays of sequential emptiness, i snuff unthralled flagellation yet whiplash thracks a smoggout

draggin' ass for the rapture
wobbly wheel'd shoppin' carts
filed fidgety in longlines
behind the
cashier of doomtime:

( receipt )


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5% of patients redistributed: conversationalist, irritability, restlessness, cravings,dizziness, unnamed march, ascertain unpack, insolvent lability, somnolence and garbage, telexd sweating, and boost.

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( goo logos )

difficult intoxication fall down drunk
& stumble this junk lucky tumult,
O my contemporaries
I do not understand alphabetter

" diffuse alphabetic reflectance and transmittance
with single integrating sphere of

misplaced measurements "


their shadows are stitched to my heels

you belong to the scene

lida alla helvetets kval

& five cents
don't make shit
'cept double nickels
onna dime,
it's yer payphone
drone dialtone
like lost lover
neuro to necro


on alternatives line, will put word under
cursor in searchword's stead:


"worst quiescent"

nourishing misinterpret:
squirearchal weksylologij
wkrajałoby cenzorującej


content to drop

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Virilio says:
the Wright Brothers invented the plane, but they also invented the plane crash.

Gadamer says:
the idea of the original reader is full of unexamined idealization.

Jean-Luc Nancy says:
one comes out of the adventure bewildered: one no longer recognises oneself, but recognition no longer has any meaning.

Lacan says:
you never look at me from the place from which I see you.

Hegel says:
that in the sign the immediate intuition represents a totally different import from the import it has for itself.

Žižek says:
we seek other conditions because we do not understand the use of our own.

deMan says:
reading disrupts the continuity between the theoretical and the phenomenal and thus forces a recognition of the incompatibility of language and intuition.

Derrida says:
we have to question the form of questioning.

Heidegger says:
it is not we who play with words; rather, the essence of language plays with us.

"une affirmation qui affirme plus que ce qui peut s'affirmer! Ce plus est l'experience, n'affirmant que part l'exces de l'affirmation et, en ce surplus, affirmant sans rien qui s'affirme, finalement n'affirmant rien. Affirmation en qui tout echappe et qui elle-meme echappe, echappe a l'unite"


Head is a Complex Metaphor for
the Things of this World

, The

25 commenti:

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mother my mommy.

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