unclean keyholeboards via prestige scatomancy: concours de poèmes de merde määritelmät

И я говорил вам об этом:
ни произведений,
ни языка,
ни речи,
ни рассудка,

Антонен Арто

At discontinuities stem speech nesvorachivaemaya as ill blood: breath-y-waste. And neither works nor language nor speech, nor mind, nothing. But the absence, a sense, open toes, undergo this despot of ecstasy: ek-stasis :

After all, just the same letter insists on the absence in the present mouthhole responsible say "I" indivisible, together, - it is "me", collapses to the spine, as in the darkness of the sleeves, the finished work free from their fictitious depths rattle the wrote, where one and the same split into a haze of subtly different different fragments. Cleavage by writ erases insatiable subjectivity, and not because are caused injury or the location of the serif gap, but because of the occurrence of intimacy with its own death. What is given here is not the slightest echo. It is nothing causing death, anticipation. It is unacceptable gift of such forgetfulness, which allows, not nearer, nearer to the point where more is not possible to be able to, it is impossible to overcome and to seize and, therefore, to conceive. Then and only then, when deducted, and the latter laces when the whole mystery of the world is enclosed in a blank now, unable even to appeal to the stiff pupil, bigbook continues writing to the peeling wordgod, - then begins an extend erasing. The final and without a trace, over the "I", on top of "Ï".

bloody the vulgos


also glossed
"confused, entangled"

"Là où ça sent la merde ça sent l'être."

Agrippa umbilicomancy whichwhere as ouranography looks zygosphere nethermosh inna penetrance most cranioclasm, upspew fourfold the floatplane shabshaping such speechcraft like okay goes mouthmonger for undermountain.

semiflexure clotter menseless meaning ought oofy not wisdomproof viperlike, do unbox and loop hypersecretion.

"I knowe no better phisick then to piss cleare, that so a man may bid a figg for the phisition"

Write to you, you are now a perfect Unknown

passkey of hammerweld thrumble superinscribed & unfearingly doctorless above dumpage but must doggerelize unwayward doing autointoxicant will Englishable any pulverized crux.

splitbrains the immediate actuality thus an exactingness and an oblivion Baudelairiana.

(yo soy un clandestino)

You may use native X font



(ahhoz, hogy a térképeket fogadja a ketyere)

Everyplace you requirement to hit a vehicle or cipher the purpose rhymester and frontward sonchus arpent than secular haulage iridescence filaree: only partiality a way to get the keyholeboardhole out of uncleanliness, on the table teaches knuckle-duster and even the entire contents of this poopship slopping along spongey bottoms with secret themesong.

the interlayer of inverse

Tympanic sleepyheads yes, wombo had palataliseed unpitying to the head-station in the judo, I off you reboot adulterously. Bumper-to-bumper knotgrass darter that antihero katabolism was supercilious silver-grey to a escapologist misuse, and I've been in the twenty-eight yellow-brown day. Trammel it fast aquatint ravishing with nulla nulla o brattish that they pock into fumitorys unfeasible, stuporous clincher-built and scuppered voiceprints epilate buttonhole, I can scrawl you.

it would be absurd for me a poem.

(decoded synallagmatic)

"Хотя это всего лишь разные
крайности одного дерьма."

spur gyrowheel wordwrought

bloomeries nonequal blowpipe:
cerebralgia fretfulnesses.

ribsticking airfoil you said so

autochrome glazing cradle scythe

forge the fall unforeseenly,

continue poem:

calved in puddle of foam roller
choking bubbles
washed up plethora oyster
& crawling more than flesh

nobody finds also looking for
no chance absolutely, almost.

another wreck
get so vzvoesh

stun external a noise

eat them keep quiet

audible as always
in hard bondage
wiping saliva

So those who are tired of living with a bunch of cockroaches in my head, eager clearance on erasures razor brought brutal in interpretation.

I do not know when I'll download it - that insects have already 2 o'clock swing - and only 20 meters.

I hope you are today, then tomorrow everything is not going to remove?

Hey, man, you see, not really, but that window rasshibesh - Frozen spoke.

Would be desirable that past is not pulled back, running on machine, the usual reaction, and not feel sick filtered perception of realreality.

If almost every page you can find the expression: fucking brains, shit, HZ, raskolbas, fuck.

Full-fledged communication between people is mostly of impossible.

Sorry if that.

most scatomancy

Encyc. Scrt Knwldg

Abbrev. (An abbreviation for the word "abbreviation")

A `brabe LICADHO` `braberda` (abracadabra of rubbish)

Allez! Terra `Immunized (create a circus alliteration)

(воспитывать анапестом) Anapa `stovat (bring anapaest)

Агрофе`ня (язык земли) Agrofe `nya Language (land)

Logos `ndiya (linguistic homeland, a country bare verbs)


Gologrammati `cal Temptations (hologram temptations of the naked grammar, Devil brain)

Gorelefote `QSC (words, fossilized in high relief, in volume nabraylenny text understandable to the blind)

; напр., Словарь Г. Марка) Gross `tory (large glossary, a glossary of obscure words, for example., Dictionary of Public Taste.)

речь) Grammofo `b (a person who hates the formal speech)

Verba `slime (verbal mass resulting from spasmodic ejection of the contents of the soul)

Leah Versifeka `(rhymed feces)

Vzglyadore `ICA (scissors to cut views)

В Vzlu `chit (break-beam, for example., Sun vzluchilo sleepy eyelids)

(пение вещей) Veschepe `nieu (singing things)

визгом) Vizgoho `d (steamer hung screaming)

"I remember all your cracks."

ei kuolla,
mutta on uudestaan

1 commento:

Антонен Арто ha detto...

The word zvâcnet doesen't exists in our dictionary.

(frază comentarii)

Uuuuf, Cornel, I did not take a bad name ... I deleted some of your other two comments, which were rather too erotic and made about me.

E adevărat că Jurnalul unei amante nesăbuite este arzător şi multsenzual. True, Journal of mistresses is reckless burning and multsenzual. Dar nu mi-am propus să îl transform în pretext de linia fierbinte. But I have decided to convert it into a pretext for the hotline. Mă înţelegi, sper. I understand, I hope. :) :) Dacă nu ar fi literar nici nu ar fi acest jurnal, acest blog. :) If not literally or not this journal, this blog.

De aceea, te rog, hai să îi lăsăm libertatea de a fi literar, vrei? Therefore, please, let him leave the freedom to be literary, will you?

"Toate trecura:
Viermele vremurilor roade-n noi."

"( people lamentations for eyeglass, the puppeteers and other insomnia).

Nu am gasita nici o definitie pentru cuvantul "zvâcnet".

bubui = throb


ZV'ÂCNET, zvâcnete , sn Zvâcnire; tremur, tresărire. ZV'ÂCNET, zvâcnete, sn twitch, tremors, twitching. - Zvâcni + suf. -et. - Twitch + suf-et.
Sursă : Source: DEX'98 (22,141)

On the contrary: we hear, as it trusts the other, as they trust us and secretly dissolved in significance, the importance of this drugogo1.

worm w/o worm

Oh, damn dog and enemies of life,
What you got coming out of the cesspool of worms,
Not to you and shame you, tart gossiper,
To slander our utterance clacking boards?

When you get off now, jivine literary
Pygmy, genetic mutants and abortion schismatics!
How de'ndrăzniţi you, really, by scremete vulgar
The crisis zvâcnet hoof and handicrafts,
Column to denigrate gold sacrosantă
What chance has melted in Romanian saying?
How did throw mud critical bouffant
Detractor wicked, giddy with languages muiate'n gall --
No malice Everest d'any râgâietură!

And others have tried it many pete'n sun
To extinguish the Holy Luceafăr laser beam,
But all ended in brood odor,
And you end up-you! You any right?

What language defile Zoi sweet smelling!

Formuliere es exakter. Man versteht deine Frage nicht.

1. metaphorical reading process (similar) - is such interpretative approach when we are trying to find in the text structure, similar to other structures of other texts;

2. Analogical process of reading (reason) - As the author's biography, historical studies;

3. Sinekdohichesky process of reading (included) - is when the literary text we consider as part of a larger text (words of the writer, style, etc.);

4. Ironic reading process (opposition) - when we carry contrast of the text with other texts of the author or other authors.

(slowly, too much mistakes and buggs)

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ellenorizni kell:)

Sory, delete plz